Friday, 4 March 2011

Special Thanks To Friends

Hi All,

I would like to inform you all, That this application is purely my idea, but the developement is not purely mine.....
As I am IT Administrator and Currently Working in Software Development Company, I like to develop the out of the box applications, So I had the Idea with the Android Power and So I had Started to Develop this App FingerKBPad
Here I would like to give a Special Thanks to all the Friends who helped me a lot in Developement of FingerKBPad, Thanks a Lot to  Mitul Nakum, Ranvijay Singh, Ramesh Vagh and Others.....
They all are the contributer to the Application. The Major Contributer is Mitul Nakum (Android and Iphone Developer)

Lastly Lots of Love and Thanks to My Family to Give me Support for the Development.

Thanks & Regards
Pravin Dodia


Finger Keyboard Mouse Pad

Finger Keyboad Mouse Pad Android.
1. Main 4 Types of Connectivity
2. Mouse Pad.
3. Setting our System Ip Address.
4. Keyboard.
Link to Download Apk FingerKbPad


FingerKbPad Server.

Link to Download Click Here
This is v1.0 So Many Changes to Come.